• Missy Robertson Interview About Mia's Recovery

    Mia Moo Fund - Missy Robertson Interview

    Missy Robertson Interview About Mia's Recovery

    Recently the Director of the Mia Moo Fund had the opportunity to sit down with Missy Robertson and ask her questions regarding Mia and her recovery from surgery.

    Here is the interview:

    DIRECTOR: How is Mia doing after her recent surgery?

    MISSY: This was definitely the hardest procedure and is the hardest recovery process she has had to undergo in her lifetime. She is doing better now and the doctors are pleased with her progress.

    DIRECTOR: Did you not know what to expect regarding this surgery and recovery?

    MISSY: Because she did so well, just a year ago, with what the doctors considered "the biggy bone graft surgery", we under estimated the seriousness of this surgery and especially the recovery on her little body.

    DIRECTOR: Why was this recovery so difficult?

    MISSY: For 4 weeks, starting just 3 days after surgery, I had to manually manipulate her jaw 1-3 times a day to move it forward and get it in proper alignment. This was a painful process on Mia and on us as well. As always in "Mia Style" she was a trooper through this difficult process.

    DIRECTOR: What stage of recovery is Mia in now?

    MISSY: She has been released by the doctors from moving the jaw. Now the jaw has to set in place for 7 weeks. In the middle of June whe will undergo surgery to remove all the devices that are in her mouth.

    DIRECTOR: One last question that I'm sure everyone wants to know. Does Mia look different?

    MISSY: Oh yes, a big difference! When we started this process her jaw was 15mm deficient and now her top teeth are peeking over her bottom teeth, right where they are suppose to be. People who have not seen her since surgery are going to look twice at this little beauty.


    Kay commented on 09-May-2015 03:22 PM
    I'm so glad she's doing so well. And it's amazing how the Mia Moo Fund is reaching other precious souls to help ♡ God Bless.
    Nina Giger commented on 09-May-2015 04:11 PM
    So proud that Mia is doing well. I have been praying for her. Her strength amazes me and her courage inspires me. I love you Mia and your mom and dad and the entire family! No doubt your beauty is shining through and your heart to help others get through what you've been through is such an act of unselfishness that will continue to bless others.... So proud of you! Thanks for letting God use you in mighty ways.
    Katie R commented on 09-May-2015 04:46 PM
    Our daughter had jaw distraction (22mm) at 14 days old due to Pierre Robin. It was so hard. Mia is a brave little girl, as are you!
    Info commented on 19-May-2015 06:19 PM
    We have a few left in stock. Get yours before they are gone!
    Quentin & Jodie Russell commented on 30-May-2015 04:58 AM
    We are moved and inspired by your courage and positivity Mia. We are huge fans of Duck Dynasty and the Robertson family. This is how we learned about Mia and have been following her progress all the way from Australia. This website will be well watched by us ☺ Sending love strength and well wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery xo
    Deb Livi commented on 13-Jul-2015 04:12 PM
    Mia has been on my mind this week so I have been praying. Love to all the Robertsons from a sister and brother in NY state.
    Jeffrey.judiscak commented on 13-Jul-2015 08:06 PM
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