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    Welcome To The Mia Moo Fund.
    We Care.
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    Raising Awareness

    Of Cleft Lip

    & Cleft Palate

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    You Can can make a Difference
    In a Child's Life Today.
    You can donate to the Mia Moo Fund
    and help brighten a child’s life today...
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    The Newly Released Angel Child Single.
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    Missy & Mia Robertson

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    Because Every Kid Deserves a Smile ...
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    Encourage & support research

    Local parent-to-parent support

    Support for children and parents

    Spread the word

    Educating the Community

    Raising Funds to Help the Cause

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    Raising Awareness in the Community and in the home…
    That's Mia Moo Fund.
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    Spreading the word

    Raising funds in the community

    Helping those in need

Welcome to the Mia Moo Fund - Because every kid deserves a smile.


Some stats

  • 4,437

    Cleft Lip Annually

  • 2,651

    Cleft Palate Annually

What we do

  • Positive outcomes for Kids with Cleft Lip / Palate

    We’re here to assure that each and every child has a warm and bright smile, because we know that is what they deserve. Even more importantly, we’re dedicated to assure that children with cleft lip, along with their families, can find happiness and joy through motivation from others, support and research towards the causes and treatments of cleft lip / palate.

  • Encourage and support research into causes and treatment of cleft lip / palate

    The Mia Moo Fund is making it possible to support further research for cleft lip and palate treatments, causes, and more. This research will make it possible to learn more about this birth defect and how it can be treated correctly in order to bring a bright and charming smile to every child.

  • Raise funds in the community for equipment, literature and services

    The Mia Moo Fund is proudly raising funds that will go towards literature, services and equipment that will ultimately help the community and those affected by cleft lip and palate throughout the US. All donations to the Mia Moo Fund are used solely to provide support, encouragement and help to those who have cleft lip / palate. We are grateful for any and all donations, which can be made here on the Mia Moo Site.



The Mia Moo Fund is an organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds towards the management, treatments and surgical procedures of cleft lip & cleft palate.

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